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Phoenix Rose Bio

My name is Jane Eliza and I am Phoenix Rose.

I spent my childhood years in a small country town in central New South Wales, Australia and it was here that my awareness of the healing energy of plants began to awaken. My favourite food was anything that had a generous sprinking of herbs in it .... thyme, oregano, marjoram, rosemary, sage .... these were my favourite flavours. Somewhere deep inside me, I knew, even as a child, that these were healing plants & I just couldn't get enough!

It was also there in that hot & dusty town that I began to understand that I am one of the lucky ones.

This is my Mother, Ma'adi, holding my 3 day old Son, Narayan. As a young child, this is the woman who taught me to live with a loving heart, a strong mind & open arms. Struggling to look after us on her own, she still found space in her life to take in children who were not so wanted or loved. She continued to do that right through my childhood & teenage years, and there are now too many people to count, from all sorts of cultures, who call her "Mum".


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