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Service Offerings

Until October 2003, our mobile service will be unavailable while we complete our
move from the Blue Mountains to the Far South East NSW.

When we re-open, we will offer our mobile Aromatherapy Service to
the Wyndham, Burragate, Rocky Hall & Towamba villages.

Families, like individual people, can experience stress and ill health. While stress is a necessary part of life & we couldn't live without it, stress beyond our ability to cope can result in physical & emotional problems that seem to take forever to correct.

Using Essential Oils and Bach Flower Remedies, Phoenix Rose Scentsorium offers to help families understand & cope with the stresses they share, with the aim of improving overall family health.

When one member of the family is under stress, it is seldom without effect on the family as a whole. By looking at how each family member is handling their own stress in relation to the rest of the family, big changes for the better can be achieved through correcting smaller problems.

Consultations will be anything from half an hour to 2 hours. Services may include aromatherapy massage, hydrotherapy bath, personal blends of massage oils, body & room sprays, skin conditioners, depending on your needs.