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Ordering Instructions


To order, please enter the number of items required in the boxes next to each product.
Press the  <Submit Order>  button at the bottom of the page when you have completed your selection.
This saves your selection so far.

Each page you order from needs to be submitted (i.e. saved) separately before continuing to the next page.

After each save, new window will display your order so far, and give you the opportunity to return to another part of the online ordering section of this site, or continue on to enter payment & delivery details.

When you have completed your order, you will be given an opportunity to add comments to your order. Please make use of this facility if there are any special requests you have, or if you find any discrepancies with the ordering process. Or just to say g'day !

Please Note !!

There is a problem with the shopping cart that I am still working out ...

Each time you submit a page of orders you will be presented with a comments box to enter your comments. If you are ordering from more than one page, the comments don't always stay - so you may have to reenter your comments for each page - just check if any previously entered comments show in the box. The problem seems intermittant & I haven't had the chance yet to contact the host of the shopping facility to find out what the problem is. If all else fails, you can email me with your comments & special requests!

If you find any other problems or descrepancy, please let me know !!


Until you are an established/known customer, despatch will be held until payment has been received. For new and irregular customers, despatch arrangements will be as below, according to payment type.

For direct deposit, you will be notified of the bank account details on receipt of your order.
Your order will be prepared for despatch & sent on confirmation of the deposit.

Personal cheques will be accepted from within Austalia.
Your order will be prepared for despatch & sent once the cheque has been cleared.

Postal orders & bank cheques are acceptable.
Your order will be prepared for despatch & sent on receipt of payment.

Cash on delivery is acceptable for local orders where hand-delivery has been arranged. Until midway through 2002, this service will normally be restricted to the Blue Mountains, Penrith & Richmond areas of NSW. This will change when I move to Burragate, inland from Eden on the far south coast of NSW.

Payments may also be made online through PayPal.
If you do not have an account with PayPal, you can set one up by clicking on this image:

PayPal link


Please note that all prices include GST (Australian Goods & Services Tax) where applicable.

If you are from outside Australia, then this 10% tax will be deducted from your order after receipt.
I will advise adjusted price before despatch


Postage within Australia is free of charge for orders over $200, otherwise postage is charged at cost.
Where convenient, orders for the Lower Blue Mountains and Riverlands area may be hand-delivered free of charge.

Where possible, orders will be prepared for despatch within 48 hours & then, if appropriate, await payment before sending.
If there is any reason for delays longer than this, you will be notified accordingly when your order is received.

Items with 'POA' instead of a price indicate that the oil is on backorder and price will be updated on arrival & when the purchase exchange rate, if applicable, is known.


Thankyou for your order.
I hope you enjoy Phoenix Rose Scentsorium products.... please let your friends know if you do.
If you don't, please let us know !!