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Books to Read

There are many books on aromatherapy, herbs & flower essences out there - this is the list of those I have read. As my library grows, so will this reference. Each title will be linked to a review page as I write them. If you would like to add a review of any of these books, please email me

"Bush Sense" by Mark A. Webb

"The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy" by Salvatore Battaglia

"Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit" by Gabriel Mojay

"The Professional Aromatherapy Practitioners Reference Manual" by Sylla Sheppard-Hangar

"Magical Aromatherapy" by Scott Cunningham

"Aromatherapy, an A to Z" by Patricia Davis

"Subtle Aromatherapy" by Patricia Davis

"Directory of Essential Oils" by Wandar Sellar

"The Art of Aromatherapy" by Robert Tisserand

"The Essential Oil Safty Data Manual" by Robert Tisserand

"The Fragrant Pharmacy" by Valerie Ann Worwood

"The Fragrant Mind" by Valerie Ann Worwood