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While Aromatherapy has it's roots in ancient health traditions from cultures all over the world, the application of essential oils for therapy is relatively new. The world of medical science has investigated the healing properties of the world's plant life for generations - indeed, medical science as we know it today sprang from the inquiring minds of the healers of yesteryear. A common misconception is that the known properties of medical plants can be applied to the essential oils distilled from those plants, and this is not always the case. These Research Notes are an attempt to collect old and new information and as I find, understand & collate it I will update this area. Plants & topics listed here without links are those I am still in the process of reviewing. I welcome extra information - case histories, clinical studies, scientific research, healing stories, personal experience, - and I welcome comments on the information already here (none yet!)

Roses Beautiful Roses
The Olfactory System & Memory
Clary Sage